Leave Microsoft Office Behind Part I: Cut Costs and Get Out of MS Office

June 16, 2014 | Posted by: Meghan Donovan
Is it really possible to leave MS Office behind? ➨ Helpful Literature: Don’t just take our word, explore on your own ➨ Revealing Trends : Learn how you can ditch some or all MS Office Licenses ➨Uncovered Stats: 80% of MS Office users don’t use the full package Google Drive can replace office? Google Drive➨ Real Time Collaboration: Let teams work from anywhere on any device ➨ Device Agnostics: iOS, Android, tablets, Chromebook, PC, MAC ➨ Unique Features: One version, instant saving, revision history
Is this right for my organization?

➨ 4 weeks or less: Uncover how your users currently use MS Officesoftwatch ➨ Calculate Savings: Office licenses can you scratch from your current budget

➨ Where to find help: Evaluation, Migration, and Training

How can I make the switch successfully? 


suitebriar_transparent_small➨ Replacing File servers: Document Migration and Building Folders ➨Making a quick switch: Bring your whole team ➨ Using a phased approach: Bring over parts of your team


This entire week is dedicated to discussing the option to leave Microsoft Office behind. Check back each day for our continued discussion. We welcome your thoughts and perspectives as we showcases Google Drive, the option to cut costs, and embrace cloud technology--specially Google Apps.