Leave Microsoft Office Behind Part II: Is there Life After MS Office?

June 17, 2014 | Posted by: Meghan Donovan

Is it really possible to leave MS Office behind? Quite simply, yes. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Today we will uncover some helpful literature, resources, and trends to pave the path for life after Microsoft Office. A recent study, conducted by SoftWatch, unveiled that businesses don’t use Microsoft Office to the extent that they are paying for. More so, the study suggests that a switch to the cloud-- Google Apps and Google Drive-- is easier than one may think. Details of the Study

  • ~150,000 users assessed on Microsoft Office usage
  • 51 different companies from North and Central American, UK, Western Europe, Israel, ANZI, and APAC
  • Usage of Microsoft Office was measured
  • Users classified as light users or heavy users whereas light users can easily switch to cloud solutions and away from Microsoft Office

Key Findings

  Yes, you read that infographic correctly. Based on the findings of the SoftWatch study, it is evident that approximately 80% of Office users can switch easily to cloud based solutions, including Google Drive. This figure was uncovered through measuring usage of Microsoft Office and each individual application-- Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Check out the findings for yourself in the Microsoft Usage Study by Softwatch. Our Own Observations It is possible to cut costs by leaving Microsoft Office Behind. Your organization can choose to cut all licenses or just the licenses of light users. The 20% of users who do not classify as light users still do not need the entire Microsoft Office package. For example, users in finance may only be utilizing the features of Excel. There is still an option to cut costs for these user types by purchasing just Excel instead of the whole Microsoft Office package. Google Drive is the direct comparison for Microsoft Office and has its own set of unique features to drive collaboration and productivity. This knowledge leaves you with two options:

  • Option 1: If your business is already a Google Apps for Business customer, you can cut additional costs by ditching Microsoft Office. At least for a majority of your users if not all of them. Contact us for a free assessment.


  • Option 2: If you are not a Google Apps for Business customer, now you have even more incentive to make the switch. Learn what 5 million businesses have already discovered. Contact us to learn more.

Join us tomorrow for an overview of Google Drive and best practices for Life After Microsoft Outlook and join us for a webinar June 24 to discuss these findings further. Posted by Cloud Chick at 12:45 PM