Leave Microsoft Office Behind Part III: Embrace Google Drive

June 19, 2014 | Posted by: Meghan Donovan

Why would I switch to Google Drive and Documents?

Google Drive➨ Real Time Collaboration: Let teams work from anywhere on virtually any device

➨ Device Agnostics: iOS, Android, tablets, Chromebook, PC, MAC

➨ Unique Features: One version, instant saving, revision history

If you are just tuning in, this week we are discussing a recent study conducted by SoftWatch. This study helped to uncover the actual usage of Microsoft Office which suggests that 80% of users can easily switch away from Microsoft Office and onto cloud solutions. This results in big cost savings!

Today we are here to discuss why Google Drive is the best option for choosing a solution to replace Microsoft Office for a majority or all of your user base.

Google Drive Features

Real Time Collaboration
In the past, your employees would work on documents, save them, attach files in emails and send to others to continue editing. Or, work would be carved up and pieced back together. This is not ideal.

The old way includes many versions of documents and difficulty collaborating across time and distance.

Enter Google Drive. Born in the cloud, Google Drive and Documents allows for seamless collaboration and editing among individuals and teams.


Device Agnostics

Do you work on a PC, MAC, Chromebook, tablet, Android phone, iPhone, or other smartphone? That's okay, Google Drive still works.

Because Google Drive is cloud based, you and access your documents from virtually ANY device and anywhere in the world. Gone are the days of trying to remember to bring your work laptop home with you or emailing an important document to yourself. Now, you have your information at your fingertips.

Unique Features
Cloud Storage--> 30 GB per a user account that is shared between email and documents. Storage increase available too!

Revision History --> Keep control over your documents with the flexibility of sharing and collaboration. With Revision History, you can always revert your document back to a previous revision. Did someone make a huge mistake in your doc? Revision history has that covered!

Built in Chat --> The built-in chat feature will allow you and your team members to provide direction, seek clarification, and make suggestions right within the document. No need to clutter your document; and it sure beats emailing attachments back and forth! Now, you can always works on documents as if you were in the same room.

Real-time commenting--> Post your comments for instant visibility. You can even call-out specific collaborators to direct your comments. With commenting and chat, you can continue your work along side each other or at different times.

Okay, I get it. You have been using Microsoft Office for years! For some of you, it has practically been a staple your whole lives. But, if we just stuck with products, tools, and applications because we are "used to them" we would never progress as individuals or businesses.

It's different, I know. But the unique features along with the backing of the cloud is grounds to at least conduct an evaluation. We're here when you're ready.

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