5 Reasons We Switched to ProsperWorks

February 14, 2017 | Posted by: Meghan Donovan

Our old CRM, Salesforce, is great! It just wasn’t great for us and what we needed. As a G Suite Premier Partner, our fully dispersed sales team needed a CRM solution that would provide transparency into the status of a customer as well as organize and encourage the sales process through automation. Selecting the right CRM is a challenge many start-ups, as well as established sales teams, face.  Enter ProsperWorks, the CRM our team fell in love with. Like any true-love, it happened naturally, with little effort, and provided immediate improvement to our daily lives. Here are the 5 reasons our team fell in love with ProsperWorks and why you might, too! If your convinced already, signup for a free ProsperWorks trial today! 

1. Features That Fit

ProsperWorks is not short on time-saving features. But more importantly, doesn’t require hours of customization work to get it to suit your sales needs. There’s a reason people can define entire career paths off of the customization and implementation of Salesforce. Our team needed a turn-key solution, a consideration that we find applies to many of our customers as well. Many don’t have the time, resources, or budget to implement complicated CRMs.

2. Built for Google

As a G Suite Premier Partner, we live and breathe Google products. The integration with our Google services is what encouraged our team to start using ProsperWorks in the first place. Simply add the Chrome extension, and the wizard has you saving emails, contact information, and logging tasks before you even realize you’ve become an organized sales machine! Seriously, it’s that simple and the key reason it organically took off among  our own team.

3. The ‘ME’ in Team

Here at Suitebriar, we pride ourselves on providing every customer with our recognized, white glove customer service. We needed a CRM that could help facilitate that. With ProsperWorks, contact records of all of our customers are shared across the team, which means all communications are tracked in one place, allowing any team members to see the most recent communication with our client. Previously, we would have had to schedule a team sync to track down the complete status of a client. This real-time visibility into the status of our client accounts is vital to our continued success and something we didn’t have previously. Now we can work more efficiently by easily checking in when we’re needed to provide the highest level of service. ProsperWorks will show you tasks, leads, and data that is important to you while still allowing you to seamlessly share information with team members.

4. Less Work, More Selling

As a growing business, we regularly expand our sales team. In turn, identifying a CRM that could expedite the onboarding process was a strong consideration. ProsperWorks’ automated tasks ensure that the sales process continues to move forward without a sales director having to micromanage new hires. For our seasoned team members, ProsperWorks took the manual work out of the daily grind so we could focus on assisting our potential & existing customers and not organizing the next task.

5. Dollars and Sense

As many other budget-conscious businesses, we were looking for an effective CRM solution that didn’t corrode our bottom line. ProsperWorks is a much lower price point than Salesforce and many other comparable CRMs on the market today. It makes sense to save some dollars - see what I did there? Winning! More importantly, we didn’t sacrifice features we need, such as, automatic email logging (with no extra steps or cost!), email tracking, and a well-designed and intuitive interface built right into G Suite. With ProsperWorks, we also gained the ability to see a snapshot of our metrics without a lot of the customization that is required in Salesforce to pull reports. From our dashboard, we can quickly evaluate our business and easily export more in depth reports to Google Sheets. If we’ve convinced you already that you need to switch your CRM to ProsperWorks, email Suitebriar now to find out how quickly we can consult on your migration and training. If you still need more information, (5 reasons isn’t enough?!) check out the webinar we produced in partnership with ProsperWorks to provide attendees with:

  • An overview of ProsperWorks features
  • Examples of how your team can succeed with ProsperWorks
  • Information on CRM migrations

Sign up for a free ProsperWorks trial today!