3 Reasons Why Businesses in the Healthcare Industry Need Google Cloud Services

April 25, 2017 | Posted by: Meghan Donovan

Businesses in the healthcare industry face unique challenges when adopting and implementing cloud services. Although IT decision makers in this field are tasked with ensuring businesses stay ahead of the curve of emerging technologies, a directive true of IT managers across industry, those in healthcare have to be especially stringent in the vetting, assessment & implementation of a new cloud service solution. The Google Cloud Platform solutions including G Suite meet the rigorous demands of the healthcare industry and here are three reasons why your healthcare business needs Google Cloud Services today! 

3 Reasons Businesses in Healthcare need Google Cloud Services

1) Google Cloud Platform is HIPPA Compliant

Ensuring compliance with critical laws like HIPPA, is critical for businesses in healthcare. G Suite is a fully compliant, enterprise grade infrastructure and collaboration solution. Moving to the Google Cloud has never been easier or safer.

2) Google Cloud Storage Saves You Money

Hosting custom applications in your own datacenter can often be a costly undertaking.  Did you know that Google offers an alternative that can save you money? It’s true! Google externalized its internal infrastructure including cloud storage solutions to safely and reliably host your business critical services at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

3) Modernize Your Practice With Google Cloud

Cloud technology doesn’t just have to be about meeting regulation requirements - Google Cloud can help modernize your practice by providing opportunities to meet your patients where they are.  Tools like Google hangouts can enable video conferencing to provide face to face care for those who may be unable to travel to your facility. At Suitebriar, we understand the challenges unique to this type of transition and have managed the successful migration of a number of healthcare businesses including Hamilton Healthcare System. You can read their customer success story HERE. Learn how your business can leverage Google Cloud Services today!