3 Reasons Why Manufacturing Companies Need Google Cloud Services

November 8, 2017 | Posted by: Meghan Donovan

Cloud Solutions for Manufacturing

Businesses in the manufacturing industry face unique challenges when adopting and implementing cloud services. Although IT decision makers in this field are tasked with ensuring businesses stay ahead of the curve of emerging technologies, a directive true of IT managers across the industry, those in manufacturing have to be especially stringent in the vetting, assessment & implementation of a new cloud service solution.

The Google Cloud Platform solutions including G Suite meet the rigorous demands of the manufacturing industry and here are three reasons why your manufacturing business needs Google Cloud Services today!

Why You Need Cloud Solutions for Manufacturing

1) Save Money with One, Comprehensive Solution

Working together across departments, locations and timezones is critical for manufacturing businesses to drive innovation. G Suite & Google Cloud Platform services give your entire organization the tools necessary to be productive, inventive & agile all on one platform. 

Cloud for Manufacturing

Team members, whether on the plant floor or in the field, can use their phones, tablets, or shared workstation to access documents or a secure intranet. Built-in chat makes communicating convenient, and a low cost to scale means your business can grow easily with demand. Host, build & improve business-critical services all within Google.

For Warburton, the largest baked-goods manufacturer in the UK, increasing team productivity and modernizing their inventory process were vital to their continued success.  Learn how Warburton updated their business to leverage Google Cloud Platform to save their staff time as well as allow them to focus on products instead of infrastructure.

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2) Collaborate and Launch Quicker with Google Cloud

Manufacturing Cloud Solutions from Google

The secure Google Drive offers a place for your employees to share not only documents, spreadsheets & presentations but research, designs, feedback, product specifications, CAD files, instructions, manuals, quality-control checklists, regulatory documents, reports & best practices in one place. Global, real-time collaboration and communications are seamless with Google Hangouts and scheduling is a breeze with shared Google Calendars.

"We believe G Suite is helping us break down our geographical barrier and work together quickly, from anywhere." ~Whirlpool

3) Access, Analyze and Act on Data from Anywhere with Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Computing for Manufacturers

Google Cloud Platform’s Compute Engine can sift through massive datasets in seconds giving your team access to insights immediately. Make informed decisions with the most reliable and current data. With Google Cloud Platform, you can create the business infrastructure that is unique to your needs by using a mix of services. Then you can apply code to execute the scenarios that you want to build.

"We chose G Suite because it will help us concentrate on our core businesses, and bring our employees, customers, and partners across the globe closer together." ~ Holcim

At Suitebriar, we understand the challenges unique to this type of transition and have managed the successful migration of a number of manufacturing businesses. Our seasoned team will walk you through the process so your business can focus on the next big launch!

Learn how your business can leverage Google Cloud Services today!