Using Google Cloud Platform to Improve Workflow Efficiency: Customized Solutions for SMB

January 9, 2019 | Posted by: Meghan Donovan

How to improve workflow efficiency with GCP

Have you or your executive team asked ‘how do we improve workflow efficiency in the new year?’ If so, developing a custom Google Cloud Platform (GCP) solution that improves workflow efficiency is less resource intensive than you may think. Recently, one of our SMB clients asked for assistance in developing a contingency plan for a core process that utilized a 3rd party case management software scheduled for sunsetting. We delivered a customized Google Cloud Platform (GCP) solution that improves the workflow of their core service allowing them to offer better customer service and building the framework to support expanding the business.  Read the summary of our newest Customer Success Story with Capabilities below! You can read the full story on our Success Stories page.

Company Profile

Description: Capabilities LLC is the largest provider of employment services for people with physical, intellectual, mental health, or sensory disabilities in the state of Ohio.

Size: 250 Employees

Location: Ohio


Capabilities core service is connecting people with disabilities with employment in their community. To do this, before using GCP, Capabilities used a 3rd party case management software to parse out and store data from the thousands of participant PDFs submitted to them by the state each month. From there, an extensive web of excel spreadsheets was created for case management. However, the case management software was underutilized, limited in functionality and was scheduled to be sunsetted by the developers. The spreadsheets were extremely cumbersome, posed data integrity issues and as well as security concerns.

Google Cloud Platform Solution

To improve these workflows, Suitebriar developed a custom solution using Google Cloud Storage (GCS) to store PDfs, a custom application running on Google Compute Engine to process the files automatically and Cloud Vision API to OCR the PDF and extract their text. “With Google Cloud Platform & Suitebriar we were able to create an affordable custom Cloud solution that we can use to significantly improve the efficiency of our core product,” states Timothy Smith, Capabilities IT Manager.

Google Cloud Platform SMB Solution


Capabilities can now swiftly process PDF documentation and store form information in a MySQL database for daily case management and future reporting. “Developing our own database optimized for our business’s goals will allow our team to provide improved customer care and potentially expand caseloads and our business” according to Smith.

“In an industry where printing and faxing completed forms is still the norm, we at Capabilities want to set the precedent that technology doesn’t have to be cumbersome. It can and will help facilitate supporting the community and because of this move, we’re well positioned for the future.”  

You can read the full story here or check out our Google Cloud Platform page to learn more about the products and solutions.