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AMI Global Security


Goes Google to Communicate and Translate from Any Where in the World


AMI Global Security, LLC is an international security consulting firm that services foreign governments, and elements of the U.S. Department of Defense and a vendor to the United Nations. As an Federal Firearms Dealer and Defense Trade Supplier; it was imperative to reach a global market and penetrate multiple countries to develop suppliers, shippers, and reach potential customers. In a world of increasing risk of terrorist attacks and economic uncertainty; defense and asset protection are in higher demand.

AMI Global Security, LLC  in order to compete in a global market was obliged to project its’ image and accessibility to customers around the world, where the needs are the greatest.

From our New York based office, AMI Global Security, LLC’s virtual presence has reached customers and netted contracts in Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Angola, Congo, France, Germany and Egypt. We have developed suppliers in China, Russia, Bulgaria, Israel, Pakistan and Mexico.


Our world -wide presence in the fast paced flow of world events makes us completely accessible to procurement officers from every foreign government in need of the professional services and supply provided by AMI Global Security, LLC. Security is a zero sum equation.  You either have it or you do not.  Additionally, if you do not have it, what you need, when you need, then it no longer matters why you needed it. AMI Global Security, LLC is accessible to our clients, anywhere in the world, before they need it. An email platform with excellent security that is accessible from anywhere on this planet is mandatory for our organization.


AMI Global Security, LLC struggled to find a secure messaging and collaborative tools to increase efficiency of communication amongst a large staff, where real-time and reliable contact is essential for our staff around the world. We looked at other solutions like Microsoft Outlook and 365, Novell Groupwise and other web-mail solutions. Our legacy solution of Web-mail was not allowing us to meet these efficiencies. G Suite has allowed us to reach our customers from around the world by sharing our web-based Google Calendars to schedule meetings in different time zones and with Google translate we’re able to communicate with ease to our foreign partners. Using Google’s strong encryption and authentication layers of security helps reduce the risk of hackers around the world. Due to the high risk of internet fraud abroad Google’s Message filtering has worked wonders for us with the email filters for spam and virus protection.


Several months after the transition, AMI Global Security has found the flexibility and scalability of G Suite to be essential to our day to day operations. “With Suitebriar, Inc.’s assistance in data migration, training and support for AMI Global Security, LLC has successfully migrated our organization to G Suite. Our employees now benefit from a larger email inbox with the real-time collaboration tools they’ve needed to increase efficiency and ease of communication and foreign language translation. Our administration team also now enjoys the ability to monitor and search for emails in a much more streamlined and organized manner.”

-Anthony Mele CEO/President AMI Global Security

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