Success Stories

Barney’s Beanery


Barney’s Beanery has been an LA institution for over 90 years giving customers a chill locale to grab dinner or a beer. With 7 locations, 125 employees, over 60 HDTVs, and an extensive beer list, Barney’s is a go to spot to catch any game.


Before G Suite Barney’s managerial staff was struggling to keep up with the lengthy list of events and games not to mention the everyday management of the restaurant. Convoluted processes made handling the general management of the restaurant an 80 hour a week job causing staff to burn out quickly and the quality of service to waver. Simple tasks like sharing the daily game list with tv channel between all locations was cumbersome and unreliable. Internal training documents and manuals that outlined key restaurant protocol suffered from lack of version control as there wasn’t an intuitive way to ensure that staff was accessing the most recent materials. Additionally, the executive team was challenged to abide by the California state regulations on retaining corporate emails in case of litigation.


Barney’s IT Coordinator, AJ Sacher, began his search for a productivity solution that was capable of restricting email access based on IP address as that was the first step in the restaurant’s revolutionary initiative to de-salary employees. Barney’s wanted to ensure that employees were only working when they were scheduled to work in an effort to not only increase quality of life but to increase the quality work and the efficiencies in which duties were completed. G Suite was the solution identified and with the addition of Google Vault, the IT Coordinator and executive team could rest easy knowing that their data was stored and could be easily accessed and searched if necessary. As the restaurant industry employee pool is typically a younger population, Barney’s was able to use the retention of emails as an opportunity to teach younger staff members the importance of professional communications with customers as well as fellow employees.

In addition to offering the necessary functionalities, Mr. Sacher was confident that G Suite would be easily adopted as the majority of staff members already used Google’s services in their personal lives. A smooth transition from Hosted Exchange from Intermedia to G Suite was precisely executed by the Suitebriar team allowing Barney’s to get back to business before the next big game!


Once implemented, G Suite’s Docs and Spreadsheets quickly eliminated the managerial team’s usual nightmares of scheduling staff and verifying inventory, a process that can now be completed and shared across the team swiftly. The mandated Kitchen Temperature Log, previously traditionally record with pen and paper, is now a Google Spreadsheet easily accessible via each manager’s tablet providing the executive team with instant transparency into the functionality of the Kitchen and the responsible staff members.

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