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Goes Google to Stay on the Cutting Edge of Technology


The Baseline team has over 35 years of collective experience in servicing the technology needs of the financial, government, education and private sectors. We believe that this mix of experience coupled with our Analise, Align, Innovate philosophy gives us the ability to suitably understand organisational pain points, so we can help companies avoid future pitfalls and assist in the realizing of short and long-term business goals.


As an organization on the cutting edge of new technologies, Baseline Technology Consulting can’t afford to hinder employee innovation and productivity. Moving information back and forth using the legacy systems and traditional approach of email attachment was curbing creativity. Employees were restricted with the constants of downloads and version control was becoming unmanageable.

As part of a growing company, staying on the cutting edge of technology present a major challenge for disparate IT departments to consolidate their data. Baseline Technology Consulting needed a way to integrate their communication systems in a simple and scalable manner. They wanted to free employees of restrictions based on location and device. They wanted assurance that their communication system would operate at the same level of quality that they deliver to their clients.

“We were after an email and calendar system that would be reliable but not cost us an arm and a leg,” says Gilbert O’Connor, Managing Partner with Baseline Technology Consulting.


By moving to G Suite we get more than Email with G Suite. With instant messaging, voice, and video conferencing, remote team members can connect and contribute. Collaborate together in real-time on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

With G Suite, your employees are empowered to work from anywhere, on virtually any device.  This increases productivity, efficiency, and allows your people to get more things done.


Stay ahead of your competition by utilizing the newest cloud-based technology. Switching to G Suite will significantly reduce IT spending allowing your business to refocus resources to innovation.  Suitebriar, Inc. has helped many high-tech and internet companies Go Google and realize the multitude of benefits gained in the fast moving world of IT.

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