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Belomar Regional Council


Security and Spam Filtering with G Suite & Collaboration Tools Made Easy


Belomar Regional Council is an Interstate Regional Planning and Development Council of Government located in Wheeling West Virginia. Belomar’s Management Services Department fills the void for the many small communities in its service area lacking professional planning and grants management expertise in-house. Included in the services provided to municipal and county governments are technical, grant writing, and grants administration assistance along with planning assistance covering community and economic development and housing. The Management Services Department coverage area consists of Marshall, Ohio, and Wetzel Counties in West Virginia and Belmont County in Ohio.


Some of the challenges Belomar experienced with traditional webmail was their spam filtering was not up to Belomar standards. We were on several different webmail platforms and to navigate through each became a daunting task. For example, it slowed down our network traffic and took up to much storage space. It could potentially expose us to email borne viruses and malware infections causing our computers to actually become a source of spam and denial of service attacks. In some instance there’s the fear of frauds and scams such as phishing and attacks. These attacks could potentially harm our business workflow and and become downright irritating to deal with.


The Belomar Regional Council completed the transition of its employees to Google’s cloud-based email and collaboration applications. Including the switch from Postini Spam Filtering to the Google Message Filtering tool already embedded into the G Suite for Government Platform. In a display of both speed and teamwork, it took just under a month since the decision was made to “Go Google” for Belomar to migrate over 15 employees to G Suite.

The successful move to the cloud resulted from the involvement of the Belomar Regional Council who volunteered as early adopters and training buddies to support colleagues in making the switch. These efforts were supported by technical implementation experts from Suitebriar, Inc.


Belomar has found the ease of use of G Suite allowing our entire organization to be under one platform instead of jumping around to several different webmail clients. With Google Message Filtering spam is no longer an issue with us. G Suite has also fostered an environment for teamwork and productivity.

This teamwork is indicative of the collaboration these new tools make possible. The teams used a Google Site to educate employees about G Suite, Google-hosted videos to share recorded trainings, and Google Docs to share timely information among the early adopters. Belomar Regional Council also introduced the Google Chrome for Business web browser to give employees a faster, simpler & more secure experience with G Suite.

Good customer service is at the heart of everything Belomar Regional Council does. These new tools are empowering employees to find innovative ways to improve service. Employees can collaborate both internally and externally with customers and industry partners to solve problems faster.

On top of this, these new applications are securely simplifying the IT experience for Belomar employees, especially when employees are working remotely. As Belmomar CIO Jim Benner has said, “work is what you do, not where you are.” The added flexibility to access information and connect with colleagues while away from the office – and on a range of different devices – is helping Belomar Regional Council to be more productive in serving customers.

Belmar Regional Council expects the introduction of G Suite to help the agency transform its business with the Google Spam Filtering and the messaging and calendaring tools and provide better results for its customers by promoting clearer communication and better team collaboration. For Belomar Regional Council, this project has been far more than a new email and calendar system – it’s about enabling a whole new way for Belomar employees to work.

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