4 Reasons Why You Need G Suite Support

May 17, 2019 | Posted by: Meghan Donovan
G Suite Support

We’ve all felt the panic & desperation when our internet, email, document management or phone system isn’t working. “I have a million things that need to be done now, but now I’m dead in the water! Who can help me fix this? Who can help RIGHT NOW?!”

If you’re a G Suite Admin or you work in your company’s IT department, you may be sweating just reading about this scenario. You may even picture your inbox or voicemail flooding with help requests. 

Technical issues with your productivity tools can happen. Granted, if your company uses G Suite, an outage is extremely rare given its 99.9% uptime SLA, but disruptions to service can be caused by an infinite number of things. Lucky for you, if you are using G Suite, you have Suitebriar, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, offering G Suite break-fix and G Suite Premier Support.

Here are the top 4 reasons why you need G Suite Support from Suitebriar:

G Suite Break-Fix Support is Free

Free G Suite Support with Suitebriar's Break-Fix

Working with a Premier Partner doesn’t have to cost you more.  You pay the same amount for your G Suite licenses as you would if you went directly to Google. But with Suitebriar, you’ll enjoy the added value of G Suite break-fix support.

If you have an issue, you can pick up the phone and speak to one of our G Suite Certified Support representatives and avoid waiting to hear back after you contact G Suite Support at Google.

Rapid Response Time

Rapid Response to G Suite ProblemsWe pride ourselves in our quick response time to customer issues. Last month nearly 80% of the G Suite support questions we received were answered in under an hour. Now, that’s fast!  

In fact, MobileOne (a long-standing customer) referenced our timely support in a recent interview with Google.  “Suitebriar is incredibly responsive,” says Revel Stark, MobileOne’s Director. “They know our business, they give us personalized service, and they get back to me quickly when I have questions, sometimes in as soon as 30 seconds.” You can read how MobileOne is using G Suite to support rapid growth on Google’s G Suite testimonials page. 

Our goal is to bring the white-glove service regularly experienced by A-list brands to all of our customers regardless of their size.

Our 80% In-House Solvable Ratio

What is a G Suite Support Solvable ratio you may ask? Well, it’s the ratio of support issues we are able to solve in-house without assistance from Google Support.

G Suite Problem Resolution

Improving and maintaining this solvable ratio is a benchmark we are assessed against as a Premier Partner. Our support desk staff works tirelessly to investigate issues and as such have become true G Suite product experts.

And if we are unable to solve your issue? Well, you still benefit.

We have a direct escalation path to Google Support and we will act as your liaison to ensure that your issue is a priority and is resolved as quickly as possible.

Our Certified Expert Support Reps

Suitebriar Certified G Suite Support Reps

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses migrate to and adopt Google Cloud solutions and have amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise along the way. Many of our team members have been supporting G Suite (Google Apps for Business for those of you from way back) for 8+ years. We are happy to share our knowledge with our customers.

Whether that’s by solving G Suite issues or conducting training to boost adoption and maximize their investment in the Google Cloud. We host regularly scheduled product trainings that can benefit both G Suite Admins and general staff. Sign up for our newsletter below to find out what our next topic will be. Last month’s session covered 5 Ways to Avoid a Data Breach with G Suite

Do you have a G Suite support issue? Contact us now. Also, if you are interested in Premium Support for your business,  please read more about Suitebriar’s Google Cloud Support Offering.