Gmail for Business Setup Guide

April 10, 2019 | Posted by: Meghan Donovan

Gmail for Business Setup

People may think that Gmail is used as a personal mailbox that is required when signing up to any Google service. However, businesses can (and should!) harness the power of Gmail as their main email service provider. Gmail can be a powerful enterprise-level email solution for businesses, and it is easily integrated with other Google products such as Drive and Docs.

This article will focus on Gmail for business setup to empower you to begin using Gmail as the primary communication source at your business. 

Why Use Gmail for Your Business

Google products are becoming popular not just for personal use, but also for small businesses and enterprise-level applications where avoiding the use of physical memory such as hard drives and choosing more efficient cloud-based infrastructure is preferable. 

Why Set Up and Use Gmail for Your Business

Applications such as Docs and Sheets offer much of the functionality of legacy programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel, but most people consider them to be more snappy, agile, and user-friendly when comparing G Suite to Microsoft's office products. Using G suite business email will make it far easier to send and receive between Google apps and also has other advantages for your business to save time and empower your team

Gmail for Business Setup

Gmail for Business Setup GuideBefore using Gmail, you will need to get it up and running according to your team’s needs.

The steps below will show you how to set up Gmail for your business which should be easy ... but remember, if you need help, Suitebriar is a Google Cloud Premier Partner and our team of experts is here to help.

Step 1

First of all, you will need to sign in as an administrator to ensure that the Gmail service is switched on. 

Step 2

For users to be able to access their own account, you will need to create user accounts with unique email addresses, names, and passwords. 

You can either create user accounts one by one manually or use a LDAP directory to synchronize user data to mass create accounts. You can either use Admin SDK Directory API or Google Cloud Directory Sync. 

Step 3

To keep your user email addresses customized to your business, you will need to set up and verify your domain name.

If you want to keep your domain names from your previous email service provider, there is no need to change anything as any emails will go directly to the Gmail account. However, if you want to use a different domain name, update the MX record settings so that emails addressed to you will go into the G Suite account rather than your old email address. 

Step 4

After setting up what goes into the mailbox, it’s important to set up the settings on what goes out.

Spoofing is common and by using a Sender Policy Framework, you ensure that an outbound email does not get treated as junk at the receiving side. The SPF verify that the domain the email has been sent from is genuine and by setting up a record means that your domain is clear.

Step 5 

If you use multiple domain names, you can set up multiple domain accounts per user. You can add up to 20 domain names free of charge by using the Google Admin console.

Step 6

A great feature that G Suite offers is the ability to customize a G Suite service URL. You can also set this up on the Google Admin console and by doing this, users can access their Gmail account at the shorter URL address rather than visiting the Google Mail site. 

Step 7

Ensure that you set up Gmail for business for every user who requires it. Different user credentials may require different settings, and the ability to modify these settings according to your needs is one of the advantages of setting up Gmail for your business. 

Why You Should Choose G Suite for Your Business Email Setup

Gmail for Business

Using G Suite has lots of advantages especially in a modern world where local, hard memory drives are now considered obsolete by many businesses that have discovered the power of working in the cloud.

Using Gmail as your email provider makes managing workflow direction much easier, and with advanced tools for inbox organization, you will empower your business to work smarter and spend their time focusing on executing rather than emailing.

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