How to Transfer Files from DropBox to Google Drive

March 14, 2021 | Posted by: Meghan Donovan
Transfer Files from DropBox to Google Drive

Using a cloud storage platform can help maximize your workplace productivity, improve data security, and increase collaboration across your workforce. It is also a great way to ensure that your files are always accessible when they are needed by your employees.

That’s why selecting a cloud storage platform that works for your business is critical and monitoring the file migration from one platform to another is a crucial step.

But we don't always make the best choice.

And if you are getting ready to move from DropBox to Google Drive or Drive within your organization's Google Workspace license, this step-by-step guide will help you make the transition smoothly.

Let's start by exploring your options for transferring files.

Methods to Transfer Files from DropBox to Drive

There are a couple of DIY options to move your files from your DropBox account to Drive in your Google Workspace account.

  • You can do it manually, or
  • You can use a third-party program to automate the process.

I'll walk you through the steps for each of these ways to transfer files from DropBox to Google Drive here, and a little later in the article I'll explain a third option which may save you some time and headaches.

Let's start with the manual migration option.

Manual File Transfer from DropBox to Drive

Manually Transfer Files from DropBox to Google Drive

All cloud storage platforms have the option to download files locally and to upload files stored on your computer to the cloud.

Using these options, you will be able to move your files from DropBox to Google Workspace.

This may be a good option for you if you're an individual and you don't have a lot of files saved to DropBox. But if you have a lot of files (and not a lot of storage spaced available on your local machine), you may want to skip ahead to explore another option.

Step 1: Download files to your computer

When you are logged into your DropBox account and viewing your files in list view, click on the box next to each file that you want to download. Click Download, which will appear as a large icon on the right side of the screen.

You should make sure to note where you save the files once they are downloaded. It can be helpful to create a new folder on your computer or an external hard drive (if you're using one) just for this purpose.

Depending on how many files you have to move from DropBox to Drive, you might even want to organize your files on your computer the same way that you intend to organize them in your Google Workspace's Drive.

Step 2: Upload files to Google Workspace

Once you have downloaded your files to your computer, you can move them to the free version of Google Drive or to Drive within your Google Workspace account.

It’s a good idea to organize your files as you go to make sure that you can access everything efficiently when you are ready to work in your new Google Workspace, but if file organization isn't your strong suit, the poweful search features included in Workspace will quickly confirm that you've made a great choice in switching to Google from DropBox.

When logged into your Google account, select “My Drive.” Click on “Upload Files” and select the files that you want to move to Drive.

Note that this method is not a direct transfer. All of your DropBox files will need to be saved on your computer in order to complete this step using the download/upload method.

Another option is to drag and drop the files from their location on your computer into Drive. This does require that you have both windows open at the same time, which is a simple step but does take up additional space on your desktop’s visual display.

Tools to Automate the Transfer Process to Drive

How to Automatically Transfer Files from DropBox to Drive

Moving files manually takes time, PC resources, and attention.

Many users prefer to automate the process using an add-on tool that takes care of the transfer for them. If this sounds like you, install the extension of your choice (I'll list some below) and use it to have the transfer go directly from cloud provider to cloud provider in the background as you continue to work.

If you have large files that would take a long time to download or upload, you can use a cloud storage manager app, such as MultCloud, to move your files from DropBox to Google Workspace.

One reason companies may not want to use a third-party tool is data security concerns. If you are storing sensitive corporate data, financial data, or customer data, you'll want to really do your homework before trusting any third-party tool to migrate your files.

If you're ok with the risks, here's how to move forward.

Step 1: Download a Cloud Storage Manager

You will need to download the cloud storage manager extension you plan to use. MultCloud is a good option that is available through the Google Chrome Web Store for free. It supports multiple cloud storage providers, including DropBox and Google.

It is a third-party extension, so make sure that your workplace protocols allow you to download and use these types of programs. Some workplaces may not be able to use third-party extensions. In this case, manually moving your files and folders is the best option to migrate from DropBox to Google Workspace unless you'd like to hire an expert to handle the migration for you (more on that option in a moment).

Step 2: Add DropBox and Google Workspace

Whichever app you choose, within your cloud storage manager app you'll next need to add both your DropBox and Google accounts.

You will need to log into both accounts to provide access to the files that you want to move and the location where you want to move them. Again - think about the security of your files and data before you agree to this.

Step 3: Create a Cloud Transfer Task

While in the cloud storage manager, create a cloud transfer task. You will be able to designate a location to pull files from (in this case, DropBox) and a location to move the files to (in this case, Google Drive). 

MultCloud works for other cloud storage providers as well, including OneDrive.

You can also automate the transfer within your Google Workspace without having to manually move files or store them on your computer during the transfer process.

Step 4: Transfer Your Files

Click “Transfer Now” to begin the transfer process. All of your files will move directly from DropBox to Google Workspace without being stored locally on your computer, like in the download/upload option.

How to Migrate Files from DropBox to Google DriveWith most apps you will have the option to delete the files after they move or leave the originals within DropBox.

This can help keep your cloud storage drives organized and prevent having duplicate versions of a document. If you are transferring sensitive documents or an entire workplace, it’s good practice to keep them in both cloud storage locations until the transfer is complete and executed, and then manually delete everything remaining in DropBox yourself.

This guarantees your files will get where they are going without any file or data loss.

If you only want to transfer a few files from your DropBox to Google Workspace, you can choose which files to transfer over before you begin the download process in most of these apps.

This is a great option for those who work with different partners and utilize both cloud storage providers for different purposes or with different clients.

One of the top features that users like about a cloud storage manager is the ability to set up the transfer task and let it run in the background as they continue to work.

You can even schedule the transfer for a future date or time (like over the weekend).

This automation is one of the top benefits of using a cloud storage manager extension to transfer files from DropBox to Google Drive.

Working with a Google Cloud Premier Partner

How to Move from DropBox to Drive

Transferring your business files from one cloud storage service to another is a big step and requires careful planning and precise execution.

To ensure that your files remain both secure and accessible, consider working with a Google Cloud Premier Partner like Suitebriar to make sure that the transition goes well.

Suitebriar can help you set up Drive and Shared Drives within your new Google Workspace account, and arrange for white-glove migration of your files from DropBox to Google Workspace.

Data loss is a risk for those transferring their files over from one cloud provider to another, even for an experienced IT professional. Having licensed cloud professionals that specialize in Google Workspace and handle hundreds of these migrations per year offers peace of mind.

We will develop a comprehensive transition plan, and provide ongoing support throughout the process. This can help mitigate these risks.

Training employees is another great way to maximize your use of Google Workspace's cloud storage capabilities in your business or organization.

A Google Cloud Premier Partner can provide change-management resources and customized training throughout the transfer process and beyond.

Keeping your files and folders organized in your Google Workspace will allow greater collaboration and more effective work.

Final Tips for Transitioning from DropBox to Google Workspace

Switching to Google Drive from DropBox

Moving from one cloud storage provider to another can be easy and painless. It can even be automated!

But for large companies with lots of sensitive data, large files, and unique sharing and permission requirements, migrating from DropBox to Drive can be a nightmare without an expert partner.

Whether you opt to manually download your files from DropBox and upload them to Google Workspace, trust a third-party cloud storage manager do this automatically while running in the background, or hire a Google Cloud Premier Partner to handle the migration for you, you can be using Google Drive and Workspace for your business in just a few steps. 

Still have questions or want to know what getting support through the important transfer process would look like? Reach out to us, and a member of our team will be in touch to talk you through your options.