Watch our Google NEXT '18 Presentation - How Cloud can impact ROI

August 13, 2018 | Posted by: Meghan Donovan

In case you missed it, Suitebriar recently presented a customer success story at Google NEXT 2018! In the presentation, which you can watch below, you’ll learn how West Liberty Foods, a  G Suite user and Suitebriar customer, was able to standardized business processes to increase productivity and ultimately profits after completing Business Innovation Service (BIS) workshops offered by Suitebriar in partnership with Wursta Co. In the video, you’ll see West Liberty Foods’ Director of IT, Josh Wold, discuss the direct impact of the workshops on business processes.

So what is Business Innovation Service you might ask? BIS is a structured measurable, incremental approach to shifting business processes to the Cloud. This process is critically important to the successful adoption of G Suite as it allows businesses to tailor change management around actual business processes which dramatically increase productivity.

In the presentation, you’ll see 3 real-world results of BIS experienced by West Liberty Foods, the national supplier of turkey meat to Subway. The first result was the reduction in the number of hours the West Liberty Foods’ accounting department spent reconcile and preparing production data reports. The second result, a more in-depth change, was the creation of a custom developed add-on to Google Sheets that streamlined the manufacturing process. The final result reviewed in the presentation is a cost savings of $20,000 a month which was made possible by an improvement to the scheduling & tracking of racks of meat through the production process and production plants. Via Google App Engine combined with the scheduling workflow of the meat, Suitebriar was able to optimize the flow of meat from production to the packing and shipping departments reducing production line slowdowns & stoppages. Not only did this process improvement streamlined production but also reduced employee overtime pay as it eliminated gaps in production.


To learn more about BIS visit our Business Transformation Services page to ensure your businesses transition to the Cloud adds measurable value to your business.