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Business Transformation is a structured approach to driving process improvement while simultaneously increasing adoption of Google Cloud technologies such as the G Suite platform.

Employees participate in a Transformation Lab during which they are encouraged to document current workflows, brainstorm improvements using the G Suite & Cloud technology, and create prototype solutions. The output of this process is a Transformation Roadmap which is used to prioritize and implement workflow improvements based on the initial prototypes.

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Google Business Transformation with Suitebriar

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Suitebriar has the technical expertise, experience, and knowledge to propel your business to the next level. Our Google Business Transformation services leverage the proven power of the William Bridges Transition Model, which views change as an inner psychological process that people go through as they come to terms with the new set of circumstances change produces in their life.

We'll help you improve your processes and migrate from legacy software and infrastructure, but we recognize that adopting a new process is not enough to ensure success.

To drive growth as you leverage the power of new, cloud-based technologies, you must support your team and meet them where they are as they leave their old processes and legacy infrastructure behind. Our approach to business transformation is tailored to your team, and will help your business members see the value in (and embrace) the start of something new.

Google Business Transformation Consultant

We define a new beginning as the release of energy in a new direction, and a well-managed transition in the business world will allow you to harness this new energy for growth and efficiency.

Suitebriar is not your ordinary business transformation consultant.

From technical support, systems integrations and custom development, to on-site change management training and our innovative transformation labs, we can help your business transformation go smoothly. We'll make sure that the adoption of G Suite and new, cloud-based processes will be recognized by your team as exciting opportunities for growth, and we'll provide the tools and training your business needs to enjoy a successful transition.


Want to learn more about our business transformation services?

Watch this video from our presentation at Google NEXT '18. You'll learn how we had a direct impact on the business processes of West Liberty Foods.

Joshua Wold"One cool part of training is once we showed the user you can do XYZ with G Suite, users began thinking about using it [G Suite] in new ways. It’s a great driver."

Joshua Wold, IT Manager
West Liberty Foods

Suitebriar Business Transformation Offerings:

  • Transformation Lab - The Transformation Lab consists of a Discovery Session which is an opportunity to change the way you work by examining current processes and highlighting opportunities for positive change. Participants will be challenged to leverage G Suite solutions to improve existing workflows. For instance, a workflow that is currently performed using paper forms could be transitioned to Google Forms. Check out a mock agenda here.
  • Change Management & Training - Ensure your employees are educated, supported and prepared to fully leverage new technology tools. Suitebriar offer G Suite Change Management & Training as well as ongoing trainings such as new feature classes to ensure that your staff is making the most of the newest updates and Security Trainings to ensure your staff understands the potential threats to security, they impact they could have on business and how to avoid security breaches. Visit our Change Management & Training page to learn more.
  • Systems Integrations - As your company grows and changes, you recognize the need for continual, high-quality IT infrastructure and support. As technology progresses, hardware and software have to be updated, and your employees will need education and support for the new equipment and tools.
  • Custom Development - Our Development & Support team can assist with a host of development options including web app design, scripting & automation, App Engine development and much more! Visit our Development page to learn more.