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Ensure your employees are educated, supported and prepared to fully leverage new technology tools. Crafting a comprehensive Change Management strategy is the difference between your employees simply making the transition and your employees truly embracing Google’s productivity & collaborative capabilities to drive organizational success & outcomes. Let our team of expert Change Managers work with your IT teams to customize a strategy to meet your unique business needs.

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Let Us Help You Learn G Suite

Learn G SuiteAt Suitebriar, we offer a number of options to your business to help your team learn G Suite to fully leverage the power of the cloud in your organization.

From remote webinars, live support, and on-site training, we can provide G Suite tips, tutorials, and training to make the transition easy when you decide switching to G Suite is right for you.

Joshua Wold"The onsite training provided by Suitebriar is very beneficial. It was pretty exceptional."

Joshua Wold, IT Manager
West Liberty Foods

More About Google Change Management

Google Change ManagementYou probably already know that when you adopt new technology or processes, the transition can be tricky to navigate.

Whether you’re going on a diet, adopting a new workout routine, or improving the process at your business, it’s easy to resist change or to fall back into your comfort zone and do things the way you’ve always done them.

With G Suite, not only can your organization become more flexible, collaborative, and agile, but you can work better together. You just need the right training and support to get there.

Suitebriar’s approach to Google Change Management helps to ensure a smooth transition for your team when you switch to G Suite. We address concerns your team may have about trying something new, provide highly effective training, and show you how powerful your new G Suite tools can be.

We can help your team become more productive, and help each member of your organization hit the ground running with our range of available training options, tutorials, and expert tips for G Suite.

This PDF from Google does a nice job of covering some of the tools and resources they’ve developed and we’ve mastered as certified Google Premier Partners.

Michel Lemieux"My advice for any business: Don’t underestimate change management. Any business planning a G Suite deployment should strongly consider onsite and/or webinar trainings prior to the migrations."

Michel Lemieux, Director of IT

Switching to G Suite with Suitebriar

Switching to G SuiteWhether you’re just considering G Suite Plans and researching prices, are wondering how much of a headache it would be to switch to G Suite from your legacy software and processes, or are ready to supply your team with advanced training and tools to make the most of G Suite, Suitebriar can help.

Contact us today and we will help you unleash the power of the cloud for your business, school, or nonprofit organization.

Learn G Suite - Google Change Management Training, Tips & Tutorials

Suitebriar Change Management & Training Offerings:

Remote Webinars

Perfect for larger organization or geographically dispersed teams. Recordings are provided after the training sessions so you are better equipped for future onboarding.

On-Site Training

Classroom, lab, or VIP 1:1 trainings offered to tailor content to a specific audience. On-site trainings be can offered in full or half day increments.

Go Live Support

Additional resources to help answer those on-the-fly questions that come up on your Go Live date. Our trainers can walk the floor, set up a ‘war room’, or meet 1:1 with employees.


Customized communications to help communicate the change and benefits to end users. And that end of the day, employees want to know the WIIFM’s (what’s in it for me). Communications include tailored help guides, desk drops and cheat sheets to ensure employees are set up as quickly and effectively as possible.

Transformation Labs

Our Customer Success and Change Management teams will work together to help identify areas for business innovation and improvement. Through transformation labs, we will identify risks and improvements to workflow processes and we’ll customize trainings to address updated processes.

On-Going Webinar Trainings

Google is regularly making improvements to tools & features, schedule monthly webinars to learn how your company can leverage these improvements internally.