5 Ways to Communicate Better with a CRM

December 5, 2018 | Posted by: Guest Post

The content below is a guest post from our partner Copper.

Businesses should never stop striving to be the best they can be.

That’s why having a decent management tool (like a customer relationship management tool, aka. a CRM)—that also doubles as a way to improve communication—has become a must-have resource for any business.

Being able to communicate proactively with not only your clients but also your team can help your business grow immensely, and of course, boost your bottom line.

Let’s take a look at five ways your company can communicate better by using a CRM.

1. Your teams stay on the same page.

Behind any successful business or brand, there’s a skilled team who works together. A CRM can help your team stay on the same page with every client, deal, and lead.

It does this by not only by allowing them to communicate easily through integrations but also making those communications transparent—so the whole team stays in the loop.

A CRM like Copper gives teams the power to communicate through any channel they prefer, such as Intercom, Slack, and Google Hangouts. It’s also natively integrated with G Suite, meaning it automatically captures all of your data and emails from Gmail. No learning curve for teams who already use G Suite apps like Gmail, Docs, and Sheets. That makes for a way easier time onboarding.

2. You stay on the same page as your clients.

Clients want to work with businesses that are organized and will look after them.

A CRM is the best place to manage your deals, clients, and overall projects. It helps your team close deals seamlessly (and more importantly, keep them) while giving your client a much better customer service experience at the same time. That’s a win-win.

Check out this example of how CRM software can keep everyone in the loop: this team is able to collaborate and communicate easily with a client while closing a web redesign deal.

Suitebriar Partner CRM Copper

3. Track your leads better.

Ever had a meeting with a client and forgot if they were brand new, or close to buying your product? How about when sending out email campaigns? Are you just shooting in the dark and guessing where leads are in your sales funnel?

A CRM can help you and your team easily communicate where a lead is at in your sales funnel. By simply flagging them and tracking their progress through the funnel stages, your team will have a much better idea on how to nurture them and when they’re getting close to buying.

4. Build your relationships.

Relationships are important—both in-house and with your clients.

One of the biggest perks of a CRM like Copper is the amount of time it saves you from having to do low-value tasks like entering contact data (because who likes typing for hours?), looking for files, and logging meetings and notes. This frees you up to do what’s important: taking the time to build relationships with your clients, prospects, and teammates.

5. Easily communicate expectations.

Have you ever gone into a team meeting and felt like you were hit with a forecast or target that was completely out of the blue?
A CRM can help keep your entire team in the loop when it comes to sales forecasts, targets, and expectations. Copper actually lets you create reports in-house, at any time, from all of the data that’s already in it—you can be sure your team is always working toward the same goals.

Suitebriar CRM Copper
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