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With Drive Enterprise you can supercharge teamwork, boost productivity with AI, and seamlessly integrate the power of Google Cloud with your existing Microsoft Office or Outlook licensing.

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Work Better, Together in the Cloud

Work Better, Together in the Cloud with Drive EnterpriseWith Drive Enterprise your team can move faster and collaborate with ease. Docs, Sheets, and Slides are all available to you on a cloud-based, secure platform powered by Google. Share, store, and access your files anywhere, securely.

Streamline Your Workflows

Assign tasks, request approvals, and track versions instantly to accelerate your workflows and supercharge your team’s productivity with Drive Enterprise.

Have Microsoft? Improve Collaboration with Google Drive

One of the major drawbacks to Microsoft products is their limited collaborative tools. With Drive Enterprise that’s no longer a problem! Enjoy Google’s powerful collaboration to Microsoft Office files and over 60 other file types. Securely create, store, share, and work together on any document with Drive.

File Storage that’s Ready for the Future

Your teams will have shared ownership of their work. When an employee leaves your company you no longer need to worry about losing their files - it is all still available in the cloud with Drive.

Key Drive Enterprise Features

Drive Enterprise FeaturesContent Creation Tools

Provide your team with the best cloud-based collaborative content creation tools. Docs, Sheets, and Slides are snappy, intuitive, and powerful.

Shared Drives

Say good-bye to lost files with shared drives. Your teams now have ownership of their work, so when an employee leaves your business all of their work stays with you, accessible to their colleagues so your team can pick up right where they left off.

Security, Privacy and Compliance Tools

Admins at your company will have full control of your company data in the cloud, making decisions about who has access to what files, and where they can access them.

Google Drive Enterprise

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Simple-to-set data loss prevention rules (that you can set) and machine learning will keep users from sharing sensitive files outside of your organization automatically.

Drive File Stream

Enjoy access to your files on demand, directly from your computer without utilizing your hard drive space with Drive File Stream.

Vault for eDiscovery

Corporate data can be retained, archived, managed, searched, and exported for legal holds and audits automatically with Vault from Drive Enterprise.

Drive Enterprise Pricing

Google offers the most flexible, efficient pricing model available with Drive Enterprise. Based on active users and storage used per month (no annual contracts), you will never pay for capacity you don’t use, and don’t need.

Pricing for Drive Enterprise starts at only $6 per active user, per month. For most companies, fewer than 70% of every 100 employees are active monthly users.

If you’d like a customized quote for your business, contact Suitebriar today.

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Find Your Files Twice as Fast with Drive Enterprise

Nobody does search better than Google, and with ML (machine learning)-enabled search features like Priority, you will benefit from the power of artificial intelligence to understand what users need and return the most relevant content. 

In most cases, this cuts the time spent by employees searching for files by 50%.

Drive Enterprise - Search for Any File

Organization, Automated

Provide your teams with fast and efficient access to the documents they work with  most with recommended workspaces. Google AI automatically curates these workspaces for each team member based on their history of working in Drive.

Constant AI-Powered Learning

With Drive Enterprise your users and teams will enjoy AI-powered features that predict their needs. The more users work in Drive Enterprise, the better Google’s powerful AI features get at meeting user needs.

Powerful Insights, Instantly

With Drive’s “Explore” feature (available in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides), content creation is faster and more powerful for everyone on your team thanks to Google’s AI and intelligent learning.

Timothy Smith"Prior to moving to the Google Cloud, our case management process was an IT nightmare to manage."

Timothy Smith, IT Manager

Hate the Disruption of Adopting New Technologies?

No Problem.

Adopting Drive Enterprise at Your BusinessMost companies love the power of the latest and greatest technology, but hate the risk or disruption caused by implementing new tools or technologies. 

If that sounds like you, Drive Enterprise is a great solution for your business. Drive Enterprise empowers your organization to create, store, share, and collaborate in the cloud … integrating seamlessly with the office productivity and email applications you already use.

Easy Migration

Google provides smart migration tools and certified Google Cloud Premier Partners (that’s us!) to help you quickly assess and transfer large amounts of valuable data directly into Drive Enterprise so that it is all stored and searchable securely in the cloud.

Seamless Integration

Instantly connect to powerful tools like Salesforce and Slack with Drive Enterprise integrations. Google designed Drive to be collaborative and to work with and support the tools people already love to use.

Enterprise-Level Security

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Google’s secure infrastructure. Your corporate data is safeguarded and will enjoy advanced privacy and compliance controls set by you.