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Protecting Your Data: A Top Priority

If you’re looking for a suite of office products that offers your business enhanced security, G Suite from Google is the best choice. With G Suite, your business will enjoy the innovative protections and robust security Google Enterprise trusts every day for a low monthly fee.

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Data Protection  You Can Trust, Tailored to Your Business

G Suite Data Protection Administrator DashboardWith G Suite, your administrator will be empowered with enterprise control over your system configuration and application settings.

G Suite’s powerful and easy-to-use dashboard allows you to streamline authentication, asset protection and operational control in minutes, tailoring the security settings you want to meet the needs of your organization.

Innovative Cloud Identity features will allow your G Suite administrator to manage users at your business from one central hub to enforce multi-factor authentication and security keys to improve data protection at your company. 

Data Loss Prevention

Whether you need basic, enhanced, or enterprise-level data loss prevention and security protections at your corporation, you can choose the G Suite plan that will work best for you.

Built-In Malware, Phishing & Spam Detection & Prevention

G Suite Offers Malware, Phishing and Spam DetectionTypically, the biggest point of weakness in any organization’s data security is at the user level. With malware and phishing on the rise, you need a solution that detects and prevents these attempts by hackers to gain access to your organizational data.

This is one area where G Suite outshines any competitor on the market.

Spam Detection

Google leverages machine learning to help Gmail achieve 99.9% accuracy in spam detection. This means that most spam and phishing messages will almost never land in your organization’s inboxes, which reduces the chance that a phishing link will ever be clicked in an email.

Malware Detection

Google automatically scans every attachment for viruses across multiple engines prior to users download it. Gmail even checks for viruses in attachments queued for dispatch. 

G Suite Security FeaturesThis helps to protect everyone who uses Gmail and prevents the spread of viruses. Some attachments that are file types commonly used to deploy malware are automatically blocked, even when they’re included as part of a compressed file.

Phishing Prevention

With G Suite you’ll benefit from Google’s machine learning to protect your users against phishing attacks. Google’s state-of-the-art learning models perform similarity analysis between previously classified phishing sites and new, unrecognized URLs to detect patterns and quickly adapt to flag and block phishing attempts faster than a manual system ever could. 

G Suite also empowers you - allowing your administrators to enforce the use of security keys, making it impossible to use credentials compromised in phishing attacks.

Even with these enhanced defenses, we recommend regularly conducting security audits of your G Suite settings to ensure you’re following best practices and limiting your risk of a breach. You can watch our recent security webinar below, in which we explain our recommendations, and Suitebriar, as a Google Cloud Premier Partner, can also complete a security audit for you at any time.

G Suite Security: Equipped for the Toughest Standards

G Suite Security Standards

When Google designed their flagship cloud-based suite of business productivity applications, they made sure that G Suite met or exceeded the most stringent privacy and security standards based on industry best practices.

Not only does G Suite offer the peace of mind that comes with strong contractual commitments regarding data ownership, data use, security, transparency, and accountability … with G Suite you have the tools you need to help meet your compliance and reporting requirements.

Innovative Cloud Security You Can Trust

Google is known for its cutting-edge knowledge and expertise in building secure cloud infrastructure and applications at scale.

While Google is not the only company that can make this claim, at Suitebriar we believe that the cloud security and privacy offered as part of G Suite and Google Cloud Platform is second-to-none. 

Physical Data Center Security

Google Data Center in GeorgiaGoogle’s leading data center security model which incorporates physical security such as custom electronic access cards, perimeter fencing, and metal detectors, to cutting-edge tools like biometrics and laser-based intrusion detection, Google’s Data Centers are nearly impenetrable.

Secure Hardware

The hardware used in Google’s data center is custom-designed with a tested and hardened operating system and file management system which is optimized for security and performance. Google controls and owns the hardware stack, so they don’t have to worry about third-party security loopholes or weaknesses.

Enhanced Data Encryption, Every Step of the Way

Google’s private, global network provides enhanced flexibility, control, and security which surpasses that of any other cloud service provider. 

Enhanced Data Encryption with G Suite & Google

Google’s connects its global network of data centers using their own fiber, public fiber, and undersea cables which allows you to enjoy highly available, low-latency service no matter where you’re located. This also limits the exposure of customer data to the public internet.

Google encrypts your corporate and customer data at every step of transmission … whether it’s sitting on a disk, stored in backup media, moving over the internet, or traveling between data centers. Encryption is a core component of the G Suite security strategy and it helps to protect your emails, chats, Google Drive files, and other organizational data from being exposed to hackers.


Google’s application and network architecture is designed for maximum uptime and reliability. They intentionally distribute data across Google’s servers and data centers, so even if a machine fails or an entire data center goes offline, your company will keep on running because they’ll seamlessly switch over to another secure data center.

Transparency & Trust

G Suite Transparency & TrustBefore you choose any suite of cloud-based productivity apps, Suitebriar recommends you take a look at how transparent they are with their customers. This will tell you a lot about the sort of experience you can expect when working with them long-term, and if you aren’t confident that your could service provider will use your data responsibly and the right way, you shouldn’t choose them.

We recommend and work with Google because they set the bar for transparency. It’s part of Google’s DNA. Not only do they regularly publish transparency reports, but when you work with G Suite you own your data, even if it’s stored on Google’s secure servers. That data is never harvested or used for advertising purposes, and with Enterprise-level G Suite editions you’ll enjoy Access Transparency logs where you can see very instance of when Google employees take action when accessing user generated content.

To learn more about how Google accesses and uses your data when you’re a G Suite customer, you can read their Google Cloud Security and Compliance Whitepaper.

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