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Google Cloud Platform’s portfolio of products enable businesses of any size, in any vertical to leverage the same infrastructure used by Google for its own products and services. Your business can build and host websites and apps, as well as store and analyze data all using Google’s infrastructure. Google’s solutions provide seamless scalability at a fraction of the cost. Let your staff focus on innovation not infrastructure.

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What is Google Cloud Platform Used For?

If you’re just learning about the power of the cloud, you might be wondering what Google Cloud Platform can be used for at your business and how it can power your growth and drive efficiency across your enterprise.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is used to accomplish a number of things at your business. It is a suite of public cloud computing services, offered by the most trusted name in cloud infrastructure: Google. The platform offers a variety of hosted services for data computing, storage, and application development, all of which run on Google hardware so you can focus on growing your business and leave the technical side of operations to Google.

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Resources

The Google Cloud Platform includes access to a set of physical assets (computers, hard disk drives, virtual machines (VMs), etc.) which are housed and maintained in Google’s data centers around the world. 

This infrastructure offers you several benefits:

  • It reduces cost (you don't have to buy, maintain, and eventually upgrade your own hardware).
  • It reduces latency by leveraging the data centers closest to your physical location.
  • It protects your data by offering redundancy and automatic back-up across several Google data centers.

Timothy Smith"With Google Cloud Platform & Suitebriar we were able to create an affordable custom Cloud solution that we can use to significantly improve the efficiency of our core product."

Joshua Wold, IT Manager

About Google Cloud Solutions for Business

Google Cloud Solutions for BusinessGoogle Cloud Platform gives you access to a range of services and tools that will expedite growth and efficiency at your business. The most popular among these services are:

  • Computing and Hosting
  • Cloud Storage
  • Networking
  • Big Data Processing
  • Machine Learning

Computing and Hosting Services from GCP

Google Cloud Platform provides you with options for hosting and computing at your business. 

You can choose to work in a server-less environment, us a managed application platform, leverage container technologies to gain lots of flexibility, or build your own cloud-based infrastructure to have the most control and flexibility over your projects.

Google Cloud Platform Services

With GCP you can place the responsibilities for resource management where you want to between your team and Google’s -- allowing you to tailor your internal resources to get the most out of cloud computing with Google.

Google Cloud Storage Services

Google Cloud Storage ServicesWhether you’re an individual, are looking for a cloud storage solution for a startup, small business, or enterprise-level corporation, you’ll probably need to store some data.

Google Cloud Platform offers you a range of convenient and affordable cloud storage services to keep your files and corporate data safe, accessible, and secure. These include:

  • A SQL database in Cloud SQL which offers you either MySQL or PostgreSQL databases to store and call your data.
  • Two options for NoSQL data storage (Cloud Datastore, and Cloud Bigtable) for those who prefer this option.
  • A managed, mission-critical relational database service in Cloud Spanner that offers consistency at global scale, schemas, SQL querying, and automatic, synchronous replication for improved availability.
  • Persistent disks on Compute Engine for use as primary storage for you. Compute Engine offers both hard-disk-based persistent disks (standard persistent disks), and SSD disks (Solid State Drives) which provide unparalleled speed.
  • Scalable, large-capacity data storage in Cloud Storage (Multi-Regional, Regional, Nearline, and Coldline options are available to suit your cloud storage needs and use case).

There’s also the option to set up your own preferred storage tech on Compute Engine by using persistent disks (setting up MongoDB, for example).

GCP Networking Services

Google Cloud Platform Networking ServicesFor those looking for a simple solution, you’ll be pleased to know that GCP’s App Engine manages networking for you, while more advanced users will enjoy how the Kubernetes Engine uses the Kubernetes model and Compute Engine provides a set of networking services as well. 

These networking services from Google Cloud Platform will help you to load-balance traffic across resources, create DNS records for you and can connect your existing network to Google’s network for seamless integration. These options for advanced network connectivity include:

  • Cloud Interconnect (connect your existing network to your VPC through a low-latency, enterprise-grade connection).
  • Cloud VPN (connect your existing network to your VPC network through IPsec or you can also connect two Cloud VPN gateways to each other).
  • Direct Peering (exchange internet traffic between your business network and Google).
  • Carrier Peering (connect your infrastructure to Google’s network edge through lower-latency connections provided by service providers. You can also extend your private network into your private Virtual Private Cloud Network over Carrier Peering by using a VPN tunnel).

Big Data Services from Google Cloud Platform

Big Data Services from Google Cloud PlatformGoogle Cloud Platform big data services allow you and your business to process and query big data in the cloud to quickly get answers to complicated questions.

  • Data Analysis with BigQuery
  • Batch and Streaming Data Processing with Cloud Dataflow
  • Asynchronous Messaging with Cloud Pub/Sub

Machine Learning Services in GCP

GCP Cloud AI offers you a powerful suite of ML (Machine Learning) services.

Use APIs that provide pre-trained models optimized for specific business applications or build and train your own large-scale, sophisticated models using a managed TensorFlow framework (Suitebriar can help you with this).

Google Cloud Platform offers a range of APIs that enable you to leverage Google’s Machine Learning without investing time and resources in creating and training your own. These include:

  • Google Cloud Video Intelligence API - Use video analysis with label detection, content detection, shot-change detection, and regionalization.
  • Google Cloud Speech API - Convert audio to text and recognize over 110 languages and variants automatically to support your global user base.
  • Google Cloud Vision API - Integrate vision detection including labeling, face, and landmark detection and tagging.
  • Google Natural Language API - Add sentiment analysis, entity analysis, entity-sentiment analysis, content classification and syntax analysis.
  • Google Cloud Translation API - Translate source text into over one hundred supported languages (especially useful when the source language is not known).
  • Dialogflow Enterprise Edition - Build conversational interfaces for websites, mobile apps, messaging platforms, and IoT devices. Build interfaces such as chatbots that are capable of natural, rich interactions with customers and website visitors.

GCP also offers users a Cloud Machine Learning Engine which combines the managed ML infrastructure with the flexibility and power of TensorFlow, which you can use to train your ML models at scale and to host trained models to make predictions and provide insights about new data in the cloud.


GCP Console and Account Management

Google makes it easy to manage projects and oversee your GCP account through an easy-to-use web-based user interface called the Google Cloud Platform Console.

Google Cloud Platform Console

This interface allows you to create new GCP projects, or update existing projects quickly and easily, allowing access to specific team members to provide security and efficiency to your organization.

Command-Line Interface in GCP

GCP Command-Line InterfaceSome workers may prefer to work in a terminal window, and with the gcloud command-line tool  you can do just that.

The gcloud tool can be leveraged by your developer team to manage development workflow and GCP resources.

Additionally, Google Cloud Platform also provides a browser-based shell environment for your team to work in, called Cloud Shell. Cloud Shell provides:

  • A temporary compute engine virtual machine instance.
  • Command-line access to the instance from a web browser.
  • A built-in code editor.
  • 5 GB of persistent disk storage.
  • Pre-installed Google Cloud SDK and other tools.
  • Language support for Java, Go, Python, Node.js, PHP, Ruby, and .NET.
  • Web preview functionality.
  • Built-in authorization for access to GCP Console projects and resources.

Google Cloud Platform Pricing

Google has made the power of cloud computing accessible to every individual and business with affordable GCP pricing options with you in mind. 

Google Cloud Platform Pricing

With no up-front costs (you only pay for what you use), the pay-as-you-go GCP pricing structure allows you to pay for the services you need and use, as you need to use them. What’s more, there are no termination fees with Google Cloud Platform - meaning that you stop paying for your services the second you turn it off.

At Suitebriar, we know that building data centers is not your business. So let us help you leverage the power of Google’s Cloud Platform to grow your business.


GCP Industry Use Cases

Suitebriar’s experience covers the extensive Cloud Platform solutions provided by Google. By partnering with Suitebriar, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands. Our team works in alignment with the best practices of Cloud Platform to deliver success.


Virtual Machines via Google App Engine, Compute Engine or Kubernetes Engine

Suitebriar’s expert team will migrate virtual machines to Google Compute from any legacy platform including, AWS, Rackspace, VM Ware or Azure. We offer support for new and existing environments and technology including custom Docker images.

Cloud SQL

A fully-managed database service for MySQL and Postgres, ideal for supporting applications running anywhere in the world. Fully-managed data replication with automatic failover, backups and support for point-in-time recovery.

Data Storage

Move your active and archival data to Google Cloud Storage. Our team will create data backup & storage solution plans with options for regional, multi-regional archive and automated backup solutions. Let Suitebriar setup the best option for your business.

Web Hosting

Popular application stacks can be supported via Google Cloud Platform. Suitebriar can assist with Lift and Shift or Move and Improve. Support for popular products including Wordpress hosting via LAMP Stack.

Disaster Recovery Planning with Google Cloud Platform

Whether your business is planning for Disaster Recovery as terms of compliance or general business best practice, Suitebriar will develop a DR Strategy that meets the requirements specific to your business needs.

Custom Software Development

Allow our team of expert enterprise software engineers to craft a solution that meets your specific application and workflow needs. We have expertise in full stack-development using: Spring/Java, .NET, Python, PHP, HTML/CSS, Javascript/Node, single-page, REST API, RDBMS/NoSQL and caching, implemented using a scalable system design.

Data Analytics & Warehousing

Support for data analytics & warehousing through Google’s serverless BigQuery solution. Our team will work with you to develop a big data strategy and implement a scalable solution.