Google Cloud Search

The Power of Google Search For Your Business

Implement Google Cloud Search across your company’s content to help your employees find what they need, quickly and securely. Cloud Search uses machine learning to deliver instant query predictions and relevant results for data stored in the Cloud or on-premise. As one of the first Cloud Search Partners, we will develop and deliver a Cloud Search integration plan that is both cost-effective and efficient.

The Suitebriar Difference

Maximize Your Investment in Google Cloud

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Expert Technical Resource

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Suitebriar Cloud Search Implementation Process:

1. Data Source Evaluation

Whether your data is stored in the Cloud or on-premise, our team of experts will assess your business’s current data storage environment to determine how to index data to make it most useful to employees.


2. Implementation & Change Management

Once your Search plan is created, our team will guide implementation including building an extensive Change Management strategy to ensure your employees are ready to leverage the power of Search in their day-to-day.


3. Search Optimization

Once deployed, your Customer Success Manager will review your employee Search experience to ensure the results being delivered are the most relevant as your data sources and data quantity continue to grow and change.