Google Maps Platform

Add Value to your Bottom Line with Location-Based Services

With Google Maps Platform your business can develop custom location-based solutions that boost revenue by increasing customer engagement, improving asset performance and so much more! As a Google Premier Partner, Suitebriar will create a Google Maps strategy that adds value to your business. See common use cases below.

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Unlock the Power of Google Maps for Enterprise

Google Maps Platform for Enterprise & BusinessIncorporating Google maps into your app or website can be a powerful tool for your business or enterprise. 

With 99% coverage of the world, 25 million updates made daily, and 1 billion monthly active users, Google Maps Platform has the coverage, accuracy, and infrastructure to provide your business with the dynamic maps, routes, or places product you need.

If you want to provide your team, customers, or website visitors with the best possible experience, let Suitebriar help you develop a Google Maps Platform integration that is tailored to your business or enterprise. 


Google Maps Platform Products

The Google Maps API allows individual, enterprise, and business customers to leverage the power of 3 distinct products into their website, app or interface. These include:

Google Maps

Google Maps

With the Google Maps product you can build custom experiences on your website or in your game or app that offer the real world to your users with static or dynamic maps, up-to-date Street View imagery, and 360 degree views of any location you choose. 

For an example of how we have integrated Google Maps into a customer’s website, visit Century 21 Canada and search for a property … or you can read their success story here.

Jack Miller"A technology roll out at this scale can be a big pain. This was a kitten. It was one of the smoothest technology implementations in my 20-year career thanks to Suitebriar."

Jack Miller, Chief Technical Officer
CENTURY 21 Canada

Google Routes

Google Maps Routes

Do you provide a navigation app or service, or are you looking for a customized up-to-date route planning solution for your dispatch and fleet drivers?

We can help you find the fastest, and safest way to get from point A to point B by leveraging the comprehensive data and real-time traffic flow available through the Google Maps Platform.

Google Places

Google Places

With Places from the Google Maps Platform you can help users discover the world and your business locations with rich location data for over 150 million places. 

Help your users find phone numbers, addresses, and real-time reviews and signals on your website or app.

Enterprise Google Maps Product Solutions

Google Maps APIWhatever the nature of your business, if location, place, or route data is something you use internally or your customers and clients want, Enterprise Google Maps integration can help you grow faster.

From Google Maps integrations in ridesharing service apps like Uber, to realtor website Google Map integrations (like the one we did for Century 21 Canada), to improving business efficiencies by creating a customized fleet and asset tracking interface, Enterprise Google Maps integrations from Suitebriar can help your business grow faster.



Google Maps API Pricing

Google Maps API Pricing

If your business or app sees a low volume of traffic, your Google Maps API integration may not cost you anything after the initial set-up fee paid to Suitebriar. 

The tables below will give you an estimation of the residual price of Google Maps API integration for high-traffic websites and apps.

Google Maps Pricing


Google Maps Product

Mobile Native Static Maps
Mobile Native Dynamic Maps
Embed Advanced
Static Maps
Dynamic Maps
Static Street View
Dynamic Street View

Monthly Free Usage

Unlimited loads
Unlimited loads
Unlimited loads
Up to 14,000 loads
Up to 100,000 loads
Up to 28,000 loads
Up to 28,000 panos
Up to 14,000 panos

Monthly Paid Usage*

$14.00 (Volume 0-100,000)
$11.20 (Volume 100,001-500,000)
$2.00 (Volume 0-100,000)
$1.60 (Volume 100,001-500,000)
$7.00 (Volume 0-100,000)
$5.60 (Volume 100,001-500,000)
$7.00 (Volume 0-100,000)
$5.60 (Volume 100,001-500,000)
$14.00 (Volume 0-100,000)
$11.20 (Volume 100,001-500,000)

*Price Per Thousand

Bulk pricing discounts on Google Maps are available if your website or app receives more than 500,000 loads per month. These are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, and Suitebriar can help you get the best rates for your business.


Common Use Cases

Fleet Tracking

Improve the efficiency of your vehicles or mobile based assets.

Example Google Customers:

Store Locator

Increase revenue by listing the details and hours of each of your locations.

Industry Use Cases:


Show on a map the location of specific data.

Example Use Cases: