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Discover the power of productivity with the new and improved Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) at your fingertips - from any place and on any device. Workspace is professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more in one easy-to-manage productivity suite.

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we offer comprehensive deployment, implementation, training and ongoing support to ensure your team gets the most out of this powerful business collaboration set of tools.

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G Suite is now Google Workspace

G Suite is now Google Workspace, speak with a Suitebriar representative to compare cloud storage space, cost per user, and core features in Google's new Starter, Standard, Plus, and Enterprise plans.

There's a perfect package for you and your business right now, and Google Workspace can grow with you.

Google Workspace / G Suite Pricing & Packages

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Google Workspace Pricing & Plans

Google Workspace Enterprise
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Enterprise-level features & security that grows with your business and offers advanced controls and capabilities

In addition to our the three standard Google Workspace Business offerings, Google Workspace's Enterprise-level package is available as a customized offering that will scale to fit the needs of the largest, enterprise-level businesses.

Additional features such as:

  • S/MIME encryption for custom and secure business email through Gmail,
  • 250 participant video meetings (offered with the ability to record meetings, track attendance, live-stream meetings and enhanced noise cancellation),
  • Unlimited secure cloud storage, and enhanced support standard.

You'll also enjoy improved security features with an enterprise plan for Google Workspace, including everything offered in Workspace Business Plus, along with data loss prevention (DLP), data regions, and enterprise endpoint management.

Jack Miller"Identifying Suitebriar as our Google Cloud Premier Partner, was critically important to the success of CENTURY 21 Canada’s adoption of G Suite."

Jack Miller, Chief Technical Officer
CENTURY 21 Canada

The Evolution of G Suite to Workspace

G Suite is Google WorkspaceBelow we compare some of the features of G Suite's legacy plans: G Suite Basic vs Business, and G Suite Business vs Enterprise.

With Google Workspace individuals and businesses have more options and the ability to choose a plan with features that more closely align with their needs.

One of our favorite changes is that the less expensive tiers of Google Workspace offer users more secure cloud storage without user minimums - a great value for startups and small businesses.

We'll be adding more information about the exciting new features and enhanced cloud storage offered in Google Workspace to this page in the days to come.

G Suite Basic vs Business

G Suite Basic vs BusinessWondering if you should choose G Suite Basic or Business? You’re not alone. Many solopreneurs, startups, and small businesses looking for an inexpensive plan are drawn to these two options, which are some of the most competitively priced plans on the market.

Let’s compare G Suite Business vs Basic briefly to help you decide which is best for you. And remember, if you have questions or want to talk through your options, our certified pros are ready to help, just contact us.

File Storage: A Key Difference Between G Suite Business and Basic Plans

The size of your team and how many user licenses you need will determine in large part which plan is right for you. One of the key differences between G Suite’s Basic and Business plan is the amount of cloud storage available.

If your business or your team members will need a lot of storage for emails, image and video files, presentations, and more, then you should plan to buy 5 or more G Suite Business licenses. When you do this, everyone will receive unlimited cloud storage for just $12 per user, per month. This is an incredible value that you won’t find anywhere other than with G Suite storage.

Search & eDiscovery: A Key Advantage for Most Businesses

When comparing the G Suite Business and G Suite Basic plans, the other key difference between plans is the availability of search, eDiscovery, and auditing features included for just $12 per user, per month in the G Suite Business plan.

Most businesses find Smart Search and Cloud Search to be incredibly valuable which make their team more efficient, and the ability to retain and search email and chat records is a great feature should you ever need to reference those for quality assurance or legal reasons.

Do You Need G Suite Business, or is the Basic Package Enough?

There’s a lot to like about the G Suite Basic plan, starting with its price ($6 per user), and its flexibility (this per user fee is paid on a monthly basis with no annual contract).

G Suite Basic, as the name suggests, will offer you all of the basic features you need from a professional office suite, including business email through Gmail, shared calendars, video and voice conferencing, apps to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and security and admin controls. You’ll also receive 24/7 support (phone, email, online) and 30GB of cloud storage per user.

Depending upon how your business works, this entry-level amount of cloud storage space may not be sufficient, which is why we encourage many businesses to consider upgrading to the Business package, where unlimited cloud storage becomes an option for just $12 per user, per month.

It’s worth saying, though, that the 30GB cloud storage limit does not include any of your Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, etc. Your inbox, image and video files, etc. will count toward the cloud storage limit in G Suite Basic. If you do a lot of photo and video editing, you will probably want to upgrade to the Business or Enterprise G Suite plans.

Still trying to decide what’s right for you? Contact Us. We’ll ask you some questions about your business goals and needs and steer you in the right direction. We can even set you up with a free, 14-day trial with support from our team to make sure you experience all of the great features of G Suite.


G Suite Basic vs Business vs Enterprise: Plans, Pricing, Storage & More

G Suite Business vs Enterprise


G Suite Business vs EnterpriseIf you run a larger business and have more needs beyond what is offered with G Suite Basic, a quick comparison (G Suite Enterprise vs Business) may help you determine which plan is best for you.

If you’re a startup, are on a tight budget, and have limited needs in terms of data loss prevention, then G Suite Business will probably meet most of your needs. The price difference between G Suite Business and Enterprise plans is greater (though each still represents a great value to business owners).

Data Loss Prevention: The Main Argument for G Suite Enterprise?

G Suite Enterprise offers everything that G Suite Business does, but you’ll receive additional data loss prevention controls for Gmail, and Drive.

This is valuable to many established, enterprise-level businesses where data loss and data theft are real concerns, and at just $25 per user, per month, the Enterprise plan from G Suite is a great value.

What Else Do You Get with G Suite Enterprise vs Business?

Both the G Suite Business and G Suite Enterprise plan offer an excellent gmail for enterprise business option, unlimited cloud storage (5+ users), fantastic 24/7 support and access to some of the best search and eDiscovery features you’ll find anywhere.

But with G Suite Enterprise you’ll also receive hosted S/MIME for Gmail, and the ability to integrate gmail with compliant third-party archiving tools, and Gmail log analysis in BigQuery, making deploying Gmail for enterprise a breeze and very customizable for your business.

Finally, you’ll receive enterprise-grade access control with security key enforcement, making your most sensitive assets and data the protection they deserve.

Contact Suitebriar today for a free, 14-day trial or to discuss your goals. We'll help you find the best G Suite plan for your business.

Joshua Wold"Our first-year savings for our Office licensing was well over $100,000, if not $150,000. Right off the bat, we were able to save that money."

Joshua Wold, IT Manager
West Liberty Foods

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