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Transfer your G Suite licenses to Suitebriar and get the support your business needs. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, our certified support specialists are available via phone & email to resolve your issues promptly. Our Customer Success Managers are also available to ensure your employees leverage the full suite of Google tools to work more efficiently. We're the trusted support partner of industry leaders such as Reddit and CENTURY 21 Canada. Learn about our free transfer workshops below! 


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Why Transfer Your G Suite License to Suitebriar?

G Suite License TransferIf you already have one or more G Suite licenses for your business, you may want to transfer account management to Suitebriar, a Google Cloud Premier Partner and Google reseller.

This can reduce the time and internal resources you spend managing your G Suite licenses and account, and it will also allow you to benefit from our technical expertise and years of experience. Suitebriar’s team will be available to you to troubleshoot issues and provide white-glove customer support, and if we can’t resolve an issue, we have a dedicated channel to escalate your ticket to the right people at Google to make sure you achieve resolution ASAP.

Additionally, once you transfer your G Suite licenses to Suitebriar, you’ll retain all access and control as the super administrator of your account. And transferring your licenses to Suitebriar is easy.

Michel Lemieux"Because it [G Suite] is so easy to use people transitioned seamlessly and were excited to begin collaborating once they saw the potential."

Michel Lemieux, Director of IT

How to Transfer a G Suite License

To transfer management of your G Suite account to Suitebriar, Google will need a transfer token. The token will associate your account with your reseller, and it’s a simple 3-step process to obtain your transfer token. 

G Suite Transfer Token
  • Simply open your browser and navigate to:
  • Sign in with your domain’s administrator username and password. The page will then automatically generate a token for you.
  • Give the token’s alphanumeric code to your Suitebriar representative, and we can complete the G Suite license transfer for you.

One item to note is that the transfer token will expire 14 days after being generated, so if two weeks pass before you share the token with Suitebriar, you’ll need to generate a new one.

After You've Transferred Your G Suite License to Suitebriar

After Transferring Your G Suite License to SuitebriarAfter your Suitebriar support representative has completed the transfer, your account becomes a new subscription and your G Suite billing will all be handled by Suitebriar, not Google.

The exact impact to your billing will depend upon your previous billing plan, and of course we can let you know exactly what to expect before you transfer the license when you contact us. In most cases, there will be no change in the amount you’re charged, you just have less to manage, and more support resources at your disposal.

Want to learn more? Contact Suitebriar today and we’ll walk you through the whole process and one of our experienced representatives can outline the specific benefits you’ll enjoy when you transfer your G Suite licenses to Suitebriar.


Advantages of Transferring Your Licenses to Suitebriar

  • Free Educational Workshops - Suitebriar offers free educational workshops specifically for new transfer clients to ensure they are positioned for success. Clients can select which educational track would be most valuable to their business and employees. 

Example 1: Productivity & Collaboration

Transferring clients selecting this track will receive a Google Drive educational webinar, a Hangouts educational webinar as well as a G Suite Productivity Report to learn how they can use G Suite tools to work more efficiently and get more accomplished as a team.

Example 2: Security Assessment

Clients electing to focus on security will receive a full environment audit including a review of SPF, DMARC and DKIM. Suitebriar will implement 2-factor authentification as well as educate your staff on its importance.

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager - Your Customer Service Manger (CSM) will schedule and facilitate monthly Customer Success checkpoints, quarterly service reviews, develop and update your Customer Success Service roadmap and track goals accordingly. After assessing your current G Suite environment, your CSM will develop a technology road map to ensure you business is leveraging the newest technology, features and updates to be successful.​
  • White-glove Google Cloud Support - Our certified support representatives are available 24/7 via email and phone to solve technical issues within G Suite in accordance with our SLA response times. We offer break-fix support and will escalate priority issues accordingly. Suitebriar recently received a stellar Support Service review from Google which means our team is skilled at solving the majority of our customer issues without having to escalate them to Google for resolution.

"Kudos to Suitebriar's support team members for reaching an amazing Solvable Ratio!"
~Support Experience Manager, Google - May 2018.

  • Priority Issue Escalation - As a Premier Partner, we have a priority channel to Google support resources to escalate issues that may require additional attention.
  • Transformation Lab - The Transformation Lab consists of a Discovery Session which is an opportunity to change the way you work by examining current processes and highlighting opportunities for positive change. Participants will be challenged to leverage G Suite solutions to improve existing workflows. For instance, a workflow that is currently performed using paper forms could be transitioned to Google Forms.
  • Change Management & Training - Ensure your employees are educated, supported and prepared to fully leverage new technology tools. Suitebriar offer G Suite Change Management & Training as well as ongoing trainings such as new feature classes to ensure that your staff is making the most of the newest updates and Security Trainings to ensure your staff understands the potential threats to security, they impact they could have on business and how to avoid security breaches. Visit our Change Management & Training page to learn more.
  • Systems Integrations - As your company grows and changes, you recognize the need for continual, high-quality IT infrastructure and support. As technology progresses, hardware and software have to be updated, and your employees will need education and support for the new equipment and tools.
  • Custom Development - Our Development & Support team can assist with a host of development options including web app design, scripting & automation, App Engine development and much more! Visit our Development page to learn more.