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Suitebriar Prodoscore Webinar

Webinar: Supporting Remote Team Productivity with Prodoscore

As teams adjust to working remotely, naturally management is concerned with supporting the productivity of their employees with refreshed processes and tools. One tool that should be included in any organization’s technology shortlist, should be Prodoscore. Prodoscore applies a single productivity score to each employee using near-real-time data captured from your cloud tools (i.e. Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Chat, CRM, etc).

Please join Suitebriar & Prodoscore on Wed, June 10 at 2pm ET to learn how your organization can use the productivity insights surfaced by Prodoscore to guide strategic decision making.  The visibility provided by the Prodoscore dashboard offers management clear metrics on overall employee productivity, employee coaching priorities, sales team performance, and resourcing considerations.  

As a Suitebriar customer, attendees to this event will have access to an extended Prodoscore trial complete with 90 days worth of historic data! This exclusive offer will allow users to clearly identify the impact of COVID-19 forced restructuring has had on productivity. Attendees that sign up for Prodoscore before 6/30/20 will receive 2 months free!

During this 30 minute* session, we will:

  • Discuss how Prodoscore insights are collected
  • Demo the Prodoscore dashboard 
  • Review common use cases

*Although this is scheduled for 30 minutes, we will stay connected to field any of your specific use-case questions.

What: Webinar: Supporting Remote Team Productivity with Prodoscore

When: Wed, June 10 at 2pm ET

Register: Here

Meet The Presenters

Tina MowenTina Mowen, Suitebriar - Customer Success Director

As Director of Customer Success at Suitebriar, Tina Mowen helps businesses maximize their investment in Google Cloud tools and drive business impact. Tina's breadth of knowledge includes extensive G Suite experience and she has worked with broad range of businesses to implement and utilize G Suite tools to improve productivity & reduce IT spending. 


Crisantos HajibrahimCrisantos Hajibrahim, Prodoscore - CPO

Crisantos was trained in technology by the U.S. Department of Defense (Marine Corps) at the age of 17 after dropping out of high school. Exceptionally well educated in security, infrastructure, routing, encryption, and satellite communications, he started his first Google services business at 27, centered around G Suite, which was later sold to Gannett publishing. Today, his passion centers around Google Cloud and AI technologies that will enable companies the ability to harness data through simplification of visualization.


Mike PerroneMike Perrone, Prodoscore - CRO

As Chief Revenue Officer, Michael Perrone is responsible for global sales, customer success, and business development to accelerate Prodoscore revenue. Michael’s leadership clearly communicates the company vision and the revenue strategy across all relevant functions to ensure the right goals are defined and met.   He is passionate about creating a culture of accountability by setting the right metrics. Tying company performance to tangible results helps clients and partners exceed their objectives.



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