Webinar: Suitebriar Client Portal Demo

When: Thurs, Sept 23 at 2pm ET | 11 am PT

Join Suitebriar for a quick, 30 minute guided tour of the new Suitebriar Client Portal! The Client Portal provides customers with information and insights specific to their domain’s G Suite instance, along with tools to self-manage billing, invoices, G Suite licenses as well as end-user signatures. Attendees to the webinar will see first-hand, how easy it is to navigate the Portal tools to self-manage their organization's G Suite instance.

The Suitebriar Client Portal was developed to fill the gap between the tools and features native to G Suite and the needs of G Suite Administrators, specifically the need for end-user signature management at the organization level and insights into Shared Drive usage and G Suite Licensing. Additional domain insights, tools, integrations, and functionalities will be added or improved to provide a more robust set of offerings in future iterations.

Attendees can also sign up to become a trusted tester.

During this session we will cover:

  • Client Portal Access
  • How to add users
  • Billing & Payments 
  • G Suite Licenses Insights
  • Shared Drive Insights
  • Signature Manager Tool

*Although this is scheduled for 30 minutes, we will stay on to answer any questions.