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"There are a lot of tools available within G Suite and even more via integrations. We are barely scratching the surface, and we definitely recommend working with Suitebriar to maximize your investment. They make it easy and have a solution for almost any issue.” ~ Jason Dodd, IT Manager

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"With Google Cloud Platform & Suitebriar we were able to create an affordable custom Cloud solution that we can use to significantly improve the efficiency of our core product.” ~ Timothy Smith, IT Manager

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"As part of the Business Innovation Services process, Suitebriar spent a good amount of time speaking with each one of our teams, getting down to the root-level detail of our business processes, and documented everything. It was absolutely amazing." ~ Joshua Wold, Director of IT

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"Identifying Suitebriar as our Google Cloud Premier Partner, was critically important to the success of CENTURY 21 Canada’s adoption of G Suite. This transition was a lot of work. I can’t imagine doing a migration without a partner. At our scale, it would have been impossible.” ~ Jack Miller, Chief Technical Officer

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"G Suite allows Hamilton Healthcare to easily scale, support, and collaborate with its growing team.  Built in HIPAA compliance ensures that all sensitive patient information is protected while also bringing agility and ease of use to day to day tasks such as mail, voice and video chat, and document collaboration.  With Google, a burden has been taken off of the IT department’s shoulders, not having to worry about “maintaining, backing up or dealing with on premise servers collapsing into smoking ruin”.

Hamilton Hospital, HIPPA Compliance

“All our stuff is just there” says, Brian McNally CIO of EWA CyberSolutions. "We are now able to access our data from anywhere on the web, at home, at the office, or on travel from all of our devices. We have taken advantage of the secure and reliable centralized management tools. Thank you G Suite and Suitebriar!"

EWA CyberSolutions, DFARS Compliance
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“Even before we made the official switch to Google, many of our employees used Apps without involving IT. Our entire international team migrated on their own before the roll out, because our previous solution didn’t mesh with their workflow,” says Sam Davidson, systems engineer at The Motley Fool. “Our previous solution was sluggish, with pretty consistent outages. We wanted to move to G Suite, but we were locked into a three-year contract with our previous provider. The [EA] program allowed us to make the switch much sooner.”

Motley Fool, Easy Migration

"Through close collaboration with the Suitebriar team, Soligent tackled the fact finding process of ensuring that G Suite ticked all the feature boxes needed to ensure a smooth and painless transition from their legacy Office 365 environment"

Soligent, Google vs Office 365

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