G Suite Security Best Practices

March 20, 2019 | Posted by: Meghan Donovan

G Suite Security Best Practices

G Suite Data Loss Prevention:

5 Ways to Avoid a Data Breach with G Suite

According to the 2018 Cost of a Data Breach study you are more likely to experience a data breach than you are to catch the flu. How do you protect your organization from a data breach and implement G Suite Security best practices? We discussed this topic in a recent webinar and highlighted 5 ways to avoid a data breach with G Suite.

These are 5 FREE & IMMEDIATE steps admins & users can take to improve the security posture of your organization's domain and leverage G Suite data loss prevention. 

Step 1 - Implement Two-Step Verification 

Best Practices for Data Security with G Suite

Google & Suitebriar strongly recommend that businesses implement two-step verification (2factor Authentification) for all users within G Suite.

The FBI data breach of 2015 is one example of a hack that would have been avoided with two-factor security. Two-Step Verification is a G Suite security best practice that is easy to implement and can add protection to your organization immediately.

If you need help setting up Two-Step Verification for your organization to improve data loss prevention, Contact Suitebriar.

Step 2 - Utilize Security Keys

G Suite Data Loss Prevention

Security keys are another method of taking two step verification even further. While using two step verification with mobile phones and a one time password is a great way to protect your users from stolen credentials, security keys make it even easier for your users to log in with two step verification.

Instead of using a code sent to a mobile phone by text message or within the Google authenticator mobile application, users just press the button on the key as a second factor of authentication.

This makes it extremely secure and a quick process to log in, which can help your organization with data loss prevention and security. Google uses these internally and has never had a breach with any account that was using them.

Step 3 - Leverage the built in Security Check-up

Utilize Security Keys for G Suite DLP at Your Organization

The security checkup is a feature that is available to all G Suite customers and is one of our recommended G Suite security best practices. Many organizations do not provide communications to their users that this is available to them, however it is a great way to have your users self-manage their settings.  Users can verify the following:

  • Which devices have been used to access their account
  • If two-step verification is enabled
  • Any third-party apps with account access

Since the Security Check-up is automatically available on the my.account.google page of all G Suite accounts, it is a great way to empower your users to ensure data remains safe and a security breach is avoided thanks to the power of G Suite data loss prevention.

Step 4 - Install Chrome Alert Extension 

Chrome Alert Extension - A G Suite Security Must-HaveThe Chrome Password Alert extension is another tool that is available to all G Suite customers.

This extension can be deployed to your users Chrome browsers. Once installed, it will ensure that if a user's Google account password is entered into a website outside of G Suite, an alert will be generated to the user and the G Suite Administrator.

Not only does this protect against phishing attacks it also prevents password reuse, which is a common security concern for any organization. Add the Chrome Alert Extension now.

Step 5 - Take Google's Phishing Questionnaire 

G Suite Security - Phishing

Google's Phishing Questionnaire is a free test that displays examples of phishing and legitimate emails and the user must determine which are legitimate. After each question, a description is provided to help test takers understand what in the email should have been a tip about the legitimacy, or lack thereof.  Take the quiz now!

G Suite Security Best Practice & Data Loss Prevention Bonus Tip

Suitebriar offers in-depth Security Audits to ensure your business and users are utilizing all the available security features correctly. Both Google & Suitebirar recommend that you perform a security audit every year at a minimum. Schedule your audit today!

We invite you to watch our recent Understanding Data Security in 2019 webinar to learn more.